Ready Made Companies

Each investor willing to set up a company is aware that time is money and any entrepreneur who has a good idea for a business must begin to implement it as soon as possible.

As the procedure for setting up a company from the beginning requires more time and effort, Ready Made Companies are an excellent profitable choice for a quick acquisition and immediate business start up.

We have a wide range of available European Ready Made Companies. Buying a shelf company is a perfect option for business investors who do not want to register a new company. Our ready made companies have already been incorporated but have been left dormant. This means that these companies did not perform any business activity during their lifetime, have no public debt or any other outstanding obligation. The purchase agreement will include this statement. The only steps you will need to make are to change the ownership, the scope of activities and optionally the name of the company. This is the quickest option to have your business fully operational immediately!

Benefits of a Ready Made and Aged Companies

  • Immediate acquisition and business start up providing there is the supply of sufficient IDs and company documents.
  • Shelf Companies are already incorporated but left dormant. This means companies did not perform business activities during their lifetime and have no public debt or outstanding obligations. The purchase agreement will include this statements.
  • Usually have bank accounts open and completed EU VAT number registration, which could save you many weeks or even months in some countries!
  • An Aged Company is established in the market, giving it credibility and age which in turn can be very useful for creditors and tender biddings.
  • Change of ownership, directors, scope of activities, bank signatories and optionally the name of the company are sufficient to fully operate your business.
  • Company purchase documents can be signed off anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

Shelf company purchase steps

You can purchase a ready made company remotely from your country or set up an appointment with us in our Budapest office. With an appointment you need to spend only one day in Budapest.

If you decide to buy your company remotely, the order process is the following:

You get ahold of us via email/chat/phone and we liaise about your inquiry. If necessary we provide more general and country specific company information to our clients.

You either fill out our order form or our colleague is going to send you an email with a questionnaire, including Your suggestions for company name and future scope of activities.

In the next step we are going to send you a 50% advance pro forma invoice. You can pay it either by bank wire or by cash.

You need to send us a copy of your valid Passport, for EU citizens government issued ID is sufficient, and a copy of your address card. For EU citizens these items have to be notarized and sent back to us. For non-EU citizens the documents have to be notarized by the local consulate of the destination country or notarized and apostilled.

We will send you the necessary corporate documents to sign either via email or post, whichever is your preference.

For EU citizens these documents have to be notarized and sent back to us. For non-EU citizens the corporate documents have to be notarized by the local embassy of the destination country or notarized and apostilled.

In most European countries the company’s bank account can be assigned remotely by authorization. Please ask for country specific details from us or visit our Company Registration menu on our website!

Please select your ready made company below

We try to collect all subjects about the related services and publish on our pages to help you make a better decision. If you have any further questions or need scheduled services please contact us at email address.

Ready Made Company


Formation: ....4500 € Order

Czech LTD

Formation: LTD....5900 € Order

Hungarian KFT

Formation: KFT....1599 € Order

Hungarian KFT

Formation: KFT....3800 € Order

Hungarian KFT

Formation: KFT....4000 € Order


Formation: ....1800 € Order

Slovak S.R.O.

Formation: S.R.O.....4900 € Order
Formation Founded Head office Bank EU Vatnumber Website Price  
Bulgarian 2010 Sofia Yes Yes No 4500 € order|e-mail
Czech LTD 2020 Praga Yes Yes No 5900 € order|e-mail
Hungarian KFT 2020 Budapest Yes Yes No 1599 € order|e-mail
Hungarian KFT 2005 Budapest Yes Yes No 3800 € order|e-mail
Hungarian KFT 2010 Budapest Yes Yes No 4000 € order|e-mail
Polish 2020 Radom Yes Yes No 1800 € order|e-mail
Slovak S.R.O. 2020 Komárno Yes Yes No 4900 € order|e-mail