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Buy your discount package with all the necessary corporation items included (bank account, registered office service and VAT number). Our professional incorporation experts will guide you through the full process.

The company formation and bank account opening documents do not need to be signed in Hungary. Our clients can sign the necessary documents anywhere in the World in the local Hungarian consulates.

Or if you prefer that you can visit us for one full day in our Budapest office for the company formation, bank account opening and meeting the accountant. This way is the fastest way- the full process takes only one day (after we received the necessary documents and 50% advance for the documents preparation process)! You can start using your company right after completing the corporation documents in our office!

Hungarian company discount package

We offer Hungarian company formation package for 1,259 EUR+VAT instead of 1,390 EUR+VAT

(Company formation 990EUR+VAT, bank account 250EUR+VAT, 6 months registered office 150EUR+VAT)

The fee contains:

  • All the company legal fees, official fees and duties
  • 6 months free registered office service
  • One bank account opening in Sberbank Hungary
  • Mandatory registration at the local municipality authority
  • Immediate and guaranteed EU VAT number issuing, not like in other EU countries

Physical office and local director, secretary is not required in Hungary!

English speaking accountants are available from 75 EUR+VAT/month.

The clients receive both paper based counter-signed incorporation documents and electronically attested files of the legal documents during the incorporation process in our office.

The company purchase documents do not need to be signed in Hungary. Our clients can sign the necessary documents anywhere in the World. Although we recommend our clients to visit us because of the high consulate attestation expenses, longer time-frame and the risks of the possible mistakes during the remote process!

In case we do not have an available shelf company in stock, we form a new one with exactly the same conditions, same duration and same process. The new company will also get a valid EU VAT number immediately and the package will contain the same items for equivalent fee.

Forming a new company is a faster process in Hungary recently, because the company court decision is much faster in case of a new company formation. That’s why we recommend our clients to buy a new company instead of ready made one. The EU VAT number issuing is immediate and guaranteed in Hungary upon formation, thereby a new formation is a faster solution and it is just as safe as buying a shelf Hungarian kft.

About Hungary

is a European Union Member country since 2004, a democratic parliamentary republic with institutionally open economy. Hungary is also a member of the Schengen countries which means Hungarian business visa holders can travel freely in the Schengen area.

The country is located in Central Europe, offers a perfect destination for foreign investors who want to extend their business or need a stable pillar in the European Union. Being a member of the Visegrad Group, Hungary has a developed economy with easy access to all markets.

The capital is Budapest (population: 2,000,000), most flights come to Liszt Ferenc Airport, which is easily reachable through any major European cities. Or Vienna is only 3 hours by train from Budapest.

The Hungarian economy is mostly similar to other European countries. 66% of the GDP comes from the service sector, the industrial sector takes 25% of the GDP. Recently, the output of export orientated companies are increasing very rapidly.

Most part of foreign investors are attracted by the highly educated Hungarian manpower in almost every sectors. More than 60% of the Hungarian labour force had completed a secondary or vocational training. In spite of this the wages are 60% less than the average in the EU27 countries, and high percent of the educated workforce speak English.

All of this makes Hungary an ideal environment to start your European business now!

Key benefits of a Hungarian company

Perfect solution in the heart of Europe with advance structure. Easy connection by train to Austria 2 hrs, Germany 5 hrs, Italy 5 hrs, Switzerland 7 hrs.

Hungary is a Schengen country with exactly the same rights as other European Union countries, living and business expenses, taxes are much lower, than most EU countries! This allows a safer, solid environment for business investments, ventures.

The rate of the Hungarian Corporate Income Tax (CIT) is 9%. Local business tax 2%

0% Withholding tax.

0% tax on dividends received.

0% tax on capital gain income.

Low minimum wage, cheap and multilingual manpower, low employer and employee contributions.

only 5% tax for intellectual products.

50% after sales tax benefit of Hungarian registered patents, inventions and royalties.

Significant tax advantages for multinational companies if they relocate their production to Hungary.

Immediate EU VAT number issuing, not like in other EU countries.

Physical office and local staff is not required.

Remote and seamless company purchase administration possible with remote bank account opening.

The share capital of a Hungarian kft is 3,000,000 HUF (approximately 9,400 EUR). Share capital downpayment can be postponed. Clients need to deposit that amount into the company’s bank account upon the date in the legal contracts. Later they can use up this money for the company’s expenses.

Hungarian company formation discount package for ONLY 1259 EUR+VAT including bank account, EU VAT number, registered office service for 6 months and cost of purchase. Cheapest in the EU! No hidden additional charges!

No other company maintenance fee besides the registered office and accountant fee.

EU company with EU VAT number. A  Hungarian company can freely trade with other EU companies. EORI number can be applied by accountant.

In Hungary there is no any withholding tax on outgoing payments to third countries thats why it is an ideal place for formation of an agency company that collects the income of Overseas Clients and then forwards it to them.

Company purchase steps

You can purchase a Hungarian company remotely from your country or set up an appointment with us in our Budapest office. With an appointment you need to spend only one day in Budapest including company’s bank account assignment, meeting the accountant and do the mandatory municipality authority registration.

If you decide to visit us in Budapest, the order process is the following:

You get ahold of us via email/phone and we liaise about your inquiry. If necessary we provide more general and company information to our clients.

Our colleague is going to send you an email with an order questionnaire, where you can choose a company name and future scope of activities freely.

In the next step we are going to send you a 50% advance pro forma invoice. You can pay by bank transfer or in our office personally.

After the complete documentation and the 50% advance received we set up an appointment with the client. We require passport copy, official proof of address and official proof of personal tax number/personal number to be able to start the document preparation process.

On the day of the appointment the client needs to stay in Budapest for one day between 9:00-17:00 for the legal document signature, bank account opening, meeting the accountant and register at the local municipality authority. We will provide English speaking assistance and transportation for the full process.

The bank will activate the accounts upon the company court decision. It takes 1-7 business days usually. The bank will provide internet banking access with token, bank cards, and accounts in many currencies.

If you decide to buy your company remotely, the order process is the following:

You get ahold of us via email/phone and we liaise about your inquiry. If necessary we provide more general and company information to our clients.

Our colleague is going to send you an email with an order questionnaire, where you can choose a company name and future scope of activities.

In the next step we are going to send you a 50% advance pro forma invoice. You can pay by bank transfer.

You need to send us a copy of your valid Passport, for EU citizens government issued ID is sufficient, a copy of address card or official proof of address and personal tax number.

Preparation of the documents. We are going to email you the necessary documents to complete. The documents have to be authenticated by the local Hungarian embassy or notarized and apostilled.

Bank account assignment. Hungarian bank account can be assigned remotely. You can get online banking access and bank card(s) to make transactions remotely! Please ask for specific process details!

With Us, Your company can be registered and operable in just 1 day (after we received the complete documentation and 50% advance)!

Buy Your Hungarian company formation discount package from us now!



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